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Past Events

May 6, 2024 May Program Meeting
Brian Goodhart
May 2, 2024 CAEPC Golf Tournament & Happy Hour
April 17, 2024 EPG April Happy Hour
March 4, 2024 March Program Meeting
Alan S. Gassman, JD, LL.M. AEP®
February 5, 2024 February Program Meeting
Jerome Hesch, JD
January 19, 2024 EPG January Event
Ben Barchilon, CPA
January 8, 2024 January "Game Watch" Night
December 13, 2023 EPG Watch Party Event
December 5, 2023 Holiday "Give Back" Event
December 4, 2023 December Program Meeting
Amy Ridge and Casey Wamsley
November 6, 2023 November Program Meeting
Eido Walny
October 2, 2023 October Program Meeting
Joseph R. Tiano Jr., Esq.
September 27, 2023 EPG Event
May 25, 2023 EPG Happy Hour
May 11, 2023 CAEPC Golf Tournament & Happy Hour
May 1, 2023 May Program Meeting
Paul Lee
April 18, 2023 EPG Happy Hour
March 22, 2023 Virtual AEP Event: Family Dynamics & Intergenerational Conflict: Preserving Family Wealth and Harmony
Susan P. Rounds, JD, CPA, LLM, AEP®, TEP
March 6, 2023 March Program Meeting
Joel Schoenmeyer, JD
February 23, 2023 EPG Happy Hour
February 6, 2023 February Program Meeting
Samuel A. Donaldson
January 9, 2023 January Program Meeting
Jim Paulsen, PhD
December 6, 2022 Holiday "Give Back" Event
November 7, 2022 November Program Meeting
Kit Mac Nee, CFP® CRPC®
October 3, 2022 October Program Meeting
Michael Fontanini, Lion Street, Inc.
May 10, 2022 EPG Virtual Education Forum: Four Keys to Making a Difference in a Family Caregiving Challenge
May 2, 2022 Ethics
Nancy B. Rapoport
April 26, 2022 EPG Happy Hour
April 21, 2022 Spring Event Give Back and Happy Hour
March 23, 2022 EPG Virtual Education Forum: 10 Things CPAs, Attorneys, and Other Professionals Should Know About IRAs
March 15, 2022 Virtual AEP Event: The Top Three Ways to Use Life Insurance in Charitable Planning
Paul M. Caspersen, CFP®, MS (Financial Planning & Taxation), AEP®
March 7, 2022 Getting to Yes, How To Be a Good Partner
Phyllis Silverstein
February 16, 2022 EPG Happy Hour
February 7, 2022 Current Developments in Trusts and Estates
Turney P. Berry
January 19, 2022 EPG Virtual Education Forum: What CPAs, Attorneys, and Other Professionals Need to Know About Social Security Claiming Strategies
January 3, 2022 Market Update
Yung-Yu Ma, BMO Wealth Management
December 14, 2021 EPG Happy Hour
December 6, 2021 Holiday Party
November 17, 2021 EPG Virtual Education Forum: Professional Collaboration in Estate Planning
November 16, 2021 AEP® Happy Hour
November 1, 2021 The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Things That You May Not Know About Preparing a Federal Estate Tax Return
George Karibjanian, Franklin Karibjanian & Law PLLC
October 13, 2021 EPG Happy Hour
October 4, 2021 Review of the Past Year’s Most Significant, Curious, or Downright Fascinating Fiduciary Cases
Dana Fitzsimons, Jr., Bessemer Trust
May 20, 2021 CAEPC End of Season Happy Hour!
May 19, 2021 Virtual AEP Event: Navigating the Current Charitable Planning Landscape: Tips for Professional Advisors
Ginger F. Mlakar
May 3, 2021 May Continuing Education Event - Ethics: Images of Lawyers in Film
Nancy B. Rapoport, UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law
April 29, 2021 CAEPC Spring Event
April 22, 2021 EPG Study Group
March 18, 2021 EPG Study Group
March 1, 2021 March Continuing Education Event - Top Tax and Estate Planning Techniques Today
Paul Lee, Northern Trust
February 1, 2021 February Continuing Education Event ~ Federal Tax Update 2021 & Estate Planning
Sam Donaldson, J.D., LL.M.
January 4, 2021 2021 Market Outlook
Yung-Yu Ma, BMO Wealth Management
December 7, 2020 CAEPC Holiday Party
November 19, 2020 EPG Study Group
November 2, 2020 Ethical and Professional Challenges of Dealing with Elder Financial Abuse
Mary Radford
October 5, 2020 Private Placement Life Insurance - Solutions for Tax Efficiency & Asset Location
Ann Marie Liotta, Cohn Financial Group
May 4, 2020 The Ethics of Negotiations: Are There Any?
Mike Rubin, JD, McGlinchey Stafford PLLC
April 23, 2020 Spring Event at The Yard
April 15, 2020 Free Webinar Viewing: The Ethical Considerations of NYS DFS Reg 187, FINRA Rule IM2210 and the UPIA Relating to "Decision Support Material" Used by Life Insurance Producers and Attorneys CPAs and RIAs in the Life Insurance Decision Process
Steven S. Zeiger, CEBS, TEP
March 26, 2020 EPG Study Group
March 18, 2020 Free Webinar Viewing: Charitable Giving and Tax Planning Strategies in the TCJA Era
Patrick J. Saccogna, JD, LL.M. (taxation), CPA*, AEP®
March 2, 2020 Practical Planning Ideas and Solutions Through Delaware: An Overview of Ideas and Opportunities for Families and Business Owners
Anne Booth Brockett, BMO Delaware Trust
February 20, 2020 EPG Happy Hour
February 19, 2020 Free Webinar Viewing: Basis Step-Up Strategies in Light of Portability and Tax Law Changes
Steven B. Gorin, JD, CPA, AEP®
February 3, 2020 Half Day Event - An Advisor’s Guide to the New 20% Pass-Through Deduction, Estate Planning for Income Taxes: Maximizing Step-Up in Basis for Couples, and Trusts as Beneficiaries of IRAs
Jeffrey Levine, Kitces
January 23, 2020 AEP Informational Event: Putting Markets in Perspective - 2020 Outlook
Matthew Melhado, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
January 21, 2020 EPG Study Group
January 15, 2020 Free Webinar Viewing: The NEW Reverse Mortgage – 5 Ways Housing Wealth Is Changing the Estate Planning Conversation
Don Graves, RICP®, CLTC®, CSA
January 6, 2020 North America Investment Strategy: 2020 Outlook Edition
Charlie Reinhard, Citi Private Bank
December 2, 2019 Holiday Party at the Phoenix Zoo!
November 20, 2019 Free Webinar Viewing: Growing Your Firm's Revenue using the Non-Grantor Trust State Income Tax Chart
Steven J. Oshins , JD, AEP® (Distinguished)
November 14, 2019 EPG Happy Hour
November 4, 2019 The Medicare Conversation: Help Your Clients Avoid Medicare Mistakes
Diane Omdahl, RN, MS, 65 Incorporated
October 22, 2019 EPG Study Group
October 17, 2019 Free Webinar Viewing: Elder Law and Special Needs Planning
Bernard A. Krooks, JD, CPA, LL.M. (taxation), CELA, AEP® (Distinguished)
October 7, 2019 Donor Advised Funds: The Swiss Army Knife of Charitable Planning
Bryan Clontz, Charitable Solutions, LLC
August 29, 2019 EPG Happy Hour
May 16, 2019 EPG Happy Hour
May 13, 2019 Baseball Spring Fling at the Diamondbacks
May 6, 2019 Why Smart People do Dumb Things (Ethics)
Nancy B. Rapoport, Special Counsel to the President of UNLV
March 4, 2019 Insurance Pitfalls in Estate Planning
Kristin Bulat, JD, LL.M., Partners Financial
March 1, 2019 EPG Study Group
February 21, 2019 EPG Study Group: Planning for the Future: Building Flexibility Into Estate Plans
February 17, 2019 Canceled - Putting Markets in Perspective
Matthew Melhado
February 4, 2019 Ice Cream Social! Federal Tax Update and The Estate Planner's Guide to Closely Held Business Planning
Sam Donaldson, JD, LL.M., Professor of Law at Georgia State University College of Law
January 24, 2019 AEP Event: Insights to Retirement Planning – Retirement Round-up
January 17, 2019 EPG Happy Hour
January 7, 2019 U.S. Economic Growth: Past, Trump, and the Near Future
Dr. Stephen Happel, Professor Emeritus of Economics at ASU, W.P. Carey School of Business
December 3, 2018 Holiday Party at the Phoenix Zoo!
November 15, 2018 EPG Study Group - Optimizing Your Balance Sheet
William D. Lee, CFA, CFP®
George D. Karibjanian, JD, LL.M., Franklin Karibjanian & Law, PLLC
October 18, 2018 EPG Happy Hour
October 1, 2018 Home Employer Payroll, Tax and Liability
Tom Breedlove, by Breedlove
September 20, 2018 EPG Study Group: The Most Important but Overlooked Element of Life Insurance Acquisition
Emory J. Smith, EJS Financial Management
August 16, 2018 EPG Happy Hour
May 17, 2018 EPG Happy Hour Diecisiete de mayo End of Year Party.
May 7, 2018 How Slippage and Gray Areas Lead Us Into Ethical Lapses
Marianne Jennings, JD
April 25, 2018 TOP GOLF
April 19, 2018 EPG Attorney Study Group
March 5, 2018 What Dead Celebrities Can Teach Us About Estate Planning
John J. (“Jeff”) Scroggin
February 21, 2018 Tax Reform for Affluent Investors
Mike Cogswell
February 15, 2018 EPG Accountant Study Group
February 5, 2018 2018 Tax Reform, Charitable Giving and Estate Planning Updates – Everything You Need To Know
Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA
January 18, 2018 Happy New Year Happy Hour
January 8, 2018 Time to Get Active - 2018 Economic Update
December 4, 2017 Holiday Party and CE: A Primer on Tax, Estate Planning and other Issues Relevant to Art Collection and Their Advisers
Paul Frimmer, Loeb & Loeb, LLP
November 16, 2017 EPG Insurance Study Group
November 6, 2017 Charitable Gifts of Business Assets & Interests…and What Happens When Charitable Gifts Go Awry
Jason Havens, Holland Knight
October 19, 2017 EPG Happy Hour
October 2, 2017 Tax Planning for Canadians
Brent Nelson
September 14, 2017 EPG Study Group Financial Planners
August 24, 2017 EPG Happy Hour
May 17, 2017 SAVE THE DATE – May 17th 2017
May 1, 2017 Planning for Social Security Benefits and Medicare Coverage for the Baby Boom Generation and Beyond
Francine Lipman, JD, LL.M., MBA
April 27, 2017 CAEPC TopGolf Event
April 5, 2017 Winning in the Retirement Market
Brian Dobbis, QKA, QPA, QPFC, TPGC
March 6, 2017 Good Intentions Can Often Lead to Unintended Consequences: Private Foundations and Other Charitable Endeavor
Jeffrey D. Haskell, JD, LL.M.
February 6, 2017 Sweater Vest and Ice Cream Social
Sam Donaldson
January 9, 2017 2017 College Football National Championship Viewing Party
December 5, 2016 ...............CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
December 5, 2016 Digital and Difficult Assets: New Arizona Law and Practical Solutions
Craig Hunter Wisnom and Colleen Cacy
November 17, 2016 Special Event - CAEPC Event at NAEPC Conference
Nancy B. Rapoport, JD; Stephanie Loomis-Price, JD; and John J. Scroggin, JD, LL.M., AEP®
November 7, 2016 Passing on Your Legacy to Future Generations A Charitable CLE Event Presented By Phoenix Children’s Ambassadors & Central Arizona Estate Planning Council
Justin Ryan PhD, Research Scientist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital Leslie Dashew, The Human Side of Enterprise
October 20, 2016 Public Outreach: Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?
October 3, 2016 The Wonderful World of Divorce: What Estate Planning Professionals Need to Know
Christopher Moore, Esq.
October 3, 2016 ...............CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
September 21, 2016 EPG Event - Estate Planning in Indian Country
Helen Burtis of Rosette, LLP
August 16, 2016 Planning for Family and Planning for Charity, and Perceived Conflicts
Jacky Alling and Grace Smith Kaus
May 19, 2016 Public Outreach: Financial Planning for Special Needs Clients
May 12, 2016 Emerging Professionals Group Event - Happy Hour
May 2, 2016 ...............CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
May 2, 2016 Post Mortem Planning-It’s Not Too Late to Plan: A Review of Income, Gift and Estate Tax Planning Issues and Strategies
Stephen R. Akers
April 29, 2016 CAEPC Annual Spring Event - TopGolf
March 23, 2016 EPG - Motivational Business and Life
Matt Miller, CFP, SJS Investment Services
March 16, 2016 Public Outreach: A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning with Investments, Taxes and Insurance
March 7, 2016 ...............CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
March 7, 2016 What Every Estate Planner Should Know: The Asset Protection Consequences of Common Estate Planning Techniques
Jay Adkisson
February 19, 2016 Trivia Night
February 1, 2016 ...............CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
February 1, 2016 Estate Planner's Update with Jeffrey Pennell
Jeffrey N. Pennell
January 4, 2016 ....................CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
January 4, 2016 One Look Back; Two Looks Forward with Thomas J. Connelly
Thomas J. Connelly
December 7, 2015 Holiday Party at Scottsdale's Museum of the West
December 3, 2015 Public Outreach - Planned Giving
November 18, 2015 Emerging Professionals Group Event - Education
Rachel S. Rodgers
November 2, 2015 Crossborder Tax Issues: The Things Every Planner Should Know with Christopher J. Byrne
Christopher J. Byrne
October 22, 2015 Public Outreach
October 15, 2015 Professional Networking and Light Fare
October 5, 2015 Trust Owned Life Insurance: Fulfilling Fiduciary Duties with Barry Flagg
Barry D. Flagg
May 14, 2015 CAEPC Emerging Professionals' Group Event
May 11, 2015 CAEPC: Being a Philanthropist; Donor Advised, Private Foundation or ?
Skip Fox: McGuire Woods
May 11, 2015 ....................CAEPC Board Meeting
Board Meeting
April 20, 2015 ..........CAEPC Board Meeting
April 20, 2015 Johnson Bank Estate Planners' Invitational
April 20, 2015 CAEPC: Spring Banquet
April 8, 2015 CAEPC EPG and AEP Educational Networking Event
Brian Dobbis, QKA, QPA, QPFC, TPGC
March 12, 2015 CAEPC Emerging Professionals' Group Event
Christopher Smith, kCross Brand Alignment Consultancy
March 2, 2015 CAEPC: Act II: Estate Planning for the Second Marriage
Jere Doyle: BNY Mellon
March 2, 2015 ....................CAEPC Board Meeting
February 11, 2015 CAEPC Emerging Professionals' Group Event Announcement and RSVP Request
February 2, 2015 CAEPC: Family Investment Partnerships / Current Issues Involving FLPs, LLCs, and Other Closely Held Entities
Paul Lee: Bernstein Global / Stephanie Loomis-Price: Winstead Attorneys
January 30, 2015 ....................CAEPC Board Retreat & Board Meeting
January 5, 2015 CAEPC: Markets, The Economy, and Estate Planning
Jack Ablin: BMO Harris
January 5, 2015 ....................CAEPC Board Meeting
December 1, 2014 CAEPC: Holiday Event
String Serenade, A String Trio
November 12, 2014 The Emerging Professionals' Group of the Central Arizona Estate Planning Council Event
Last Comic Standing Comedian: Rich Vos
November 3, 2014 CAEPC: The Hybrid Domestic Asset Protection Trust
Steve Oshins: Oshins & Associates, LLC
November 3, 2014 ....................CAEPC Board Meeting
October 6, 2014 CAEPC: The Future of Estate Planning
William Schmidt: First Western Trust Bank
October 6, 2014 ....................CAEPC Board Meeting
October 1, 2014 Emerging Professionals' Group of Central Arizona Estate Planning Council Event
August 6, 2014 ....................CAEPC Joint Board Meeting
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