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Your Associate Membership brings you into close contact with approximately 200 experienced professionals, which includes a broad array of estate planning disciplines and backgrounds. In addition, your professional profile can be made readily available to every other member of the CAEPC and the Public through our online directory.

Dinners, Events, and Continuing Education

Our monthly format is a cocktail networking hour, followed by a full dinner and one-hour professional presentation, which provides opportunities to meet many new professionals, catch up quickly and regularly with existing relationships, gain new knowledge and sources of information for your professional practice situations, and fulfill one hour of professional education.

The CAEPC hosts an annual half-day session, which provides attendees a chance to get into the details of important issues and developments in the estate planning profession. It is one of the most heavily attended events, and it provides an excellent opportunity to get to know fellow professionals on a deeper level.

The annual “Spring Event" occurs in mid-April. This is a great opportunity to interact with other professionals in a more casual setting and have some fun.

EPG – Emerging Professionals' Group

The Emerging Professionals' Group (EPG) of the Central Arizona Estate Planning Council (CAEPC) focuses on social and educational events for individuals new to the estate planning profession, including legal, accounting, investments, insurance, and financial planning professions, and acclimating such individuals into the CAEPC. It is a vibrant growing group of Phoenix metropolitan area professionals, that will certainly be the next generation of estate planning professionals!

Prior events have included happy hour social events, activities, and educational events held at various locations in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Great Value for your Money

A well thought out season of educational meetings combined with a conducive networking environment and dinner with a professionally diverse membership base at one of the top country clubs in the Phoenix metropolitan area is one facet of value. 

Visibility to the General Public

Seeking ways to market your firm and stand out from the crowd for potential clients and out of state referral sources? CAEPC's Associate Member directory is searchable by name, firm, and professional discipline by other CAEPC members and the public. Feel free to browse our current roster of professionals through the Member Directory tab.

Showcase Your Firm

Sponsorship support of our programming provides our members with this exceptional value...If you are a serious estate planner, you can't afford NOT to join.  If you are serious about expanding your branding, visibility, and image as a quality company to the Arizona Estate Planning Community, you can't afford not to consider sponsorship. Click here to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship.

Need More Information?

If you would like to get involved with the CAEPC, visit the Committees section of the website to identify the appropriate Committee Chair to speak with or contact our Council administrator at the phone number listed in the contact us tab, or simply send an inquiry to Our administrator's staff can make the right connections.