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**Renewing Associate Members** SIMPLY GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, SELECT THE MEMBERSHIP OPTION, THE CORRECT PAYMENT TYPE, AND HIT THE SUBMIT PAYMENT BUTTON. PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO REVIEW YOUR PROFILE AND MAKE ANY NEEDED CHANGES TO YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, AND REVIEW YOUR SELECTED PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINES. YOU MAY SELECT UP TO FOUR (4) DISCIPLINE LISTINGS WHICH WILL SHOW ON THE ONLINE ASSOCIATE MEMBER DIRECTORY. If you are a past member that has not renewed before the first meeting of the year, your old password will not work. Please fill out the payment information below, and your administrative team will match up your payment with your membership information, reinstating your membership automatically. __________________________________________________________________________ **New Associate Members** GO TO THE APPLICATION FORMS TAB ON THE WEBSITE, OPEN THE “ASSOCIATE MEMBER APPLICATION” FORM, COMPLETE THE FORM, SELECT YOUR PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINE(S), AND CLICK THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON. CAEPC accepts applications for Associate Membership from bank or trust company officers, chartered life underwriters, certified public accountants licensed in the state of Arizona, attorneys licensed in the state of Arizona, or such other categories as may be permitted under policies and procedures adopted by the Board for the admission of Associate Members in the Council and for the conduct of regular meetings of the Council. All new applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee. Those not directly meeting the professional designation requirements are submitted under the "Board Designated" category, and subject to Membership Committee review and approval. All new applications must be affirmed by the Membership Committee, and if necessary the Board of Directors, before becoming final, and may be subject to review each season. UPON APPROVAL OF YOUR ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY OUR ADMINISTRATORS WITH APPROPRIATE LOG ON INFORMATION, WHICH WILL ALLOW YOU TO REMIT DUES ON THIS WEBSITE. At that time, follow the instructions below under Renewing Associate Member to make your payment. IMPORTANT: Once payment has been submitted, go to your Associate Member profile to fine tune your information. Please ensure that you selected appropriate professional disciplines that will help you be found by fellow members and non-members seeking specific expertise. Selecting professional disciplines that are inaccurate or misleading regarding your professional abilities will do you more harm than good. Feel free to select up to 4 professional disciplines that best describe your business. Associate Membership is an annual membership, runs on a fiscal year ending every May 31st, and is renewable beginning June 1st, for the upcoming season.

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