Event Calendar

October 19, 2017 EPG Happy Hour
October 20, 2017
NAEPC Webinar: Special Webinar: Estate and Financial Planning Nuggets for a Time of Turmoil!
October 31, 2017
NAEPC Webinar: Teaming for Success in Three Legacy Planning Business Models, a complimentary program provided with Trusts & Estates and sponsored by the Accredited Estate Planner® designation
November 6, 2017 Charitable Gifts of Business Assets & Interests…and What Happens When Charitable Gifts Go Awry
November 15, 2017
54th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference with Pre-Conference Sessions for Council Leaders
November 16, 2017 EPG Insurance Study Group
December 4, 2017 Holiday Party and CE: A Primer on Tax, Estate Planning and other Issues Relevant to Art Collection and Their Advisers
December 13, 2017
NAEPC Webinar: A December Guide to the Trump Tax Act: Where We Stand and New Planning Opportunities
January 8, 2018 Time to Get Active
January 18, 2018 Happy New Year Happy Hour
February 5, 2018 Current Estate Planning and Charitable Giving Updates & 2018 Annual Tax Update
February 15, 2018 EPG Accountant Study Group
March 5, 2018 What Dead Celebrities Can Teach Us About Estate Planning
April 19, 2018 EPG Attorney Study Group
April 26, 2018 SAVE the DATE CAEPC Annual Spring Event!
May 7, 2018 How Slippage and Gray Areas Lead Us Into Ethical Lapses
May 17, 2018 EPG Happy Hour Diecisiete de mayo End of Year Party.
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